Family Fun Nights

Art of Inflation

The Art of Inflation is an exciting assembly program designed for K-6 families that incorporates choreographed balloon twisting to upbeat music, humor, and audience participation.

What Do You Get…

  • 45-minute family-friendly show
  • Kids and teachers become stars of the show.​
  • Choreographed balloon routines to upbeat music.
  • Professional PA Sound System to ensure a full audience experience.​
  • Stunning black light presentation that wow’s an audience.
  • Colorful 5′ foot balloon sculptures created on stage.
  • Theatrical backdrop setting to enhance the audience’s viewing experience.
  • Colored 8×10 customized poster listing your event details
  • School keeps large balloon sculptures to decorate the school.

Art of Inflation was created by Dale Obrochta an entertainer, artist, and father of two boys whose passion is entertaining, educating, and working with kids as a positive role model.

Like so many parents, Dale has learned first hand, not all ‘kids entertainment’ is equal and works hard to give you the very best show to his best abilities.

Performing for 33-years now, Dale has played hundreds of schools along the way…and is looking to perform at your school next.

If You Can Flip A Switch, You Can Wow An Audience

Turn the house lights off and hear the oohs and ayahs from the audience as glowing balloons twirl about the room. ​Blacklight works in most environments. It only requires the lowering of lights, but the darker you can make it, the more dramatic the effect for the audience.