Do you want to know why parents select us for their parties vs. other entertainment services?


US: We guarantee that if you and your guests are dissatisfied with our service and the children are not entertained, we will fully refund your money.

Them: There is no guarantee provided, and even if there is, the nonrefundable deposit will be retained.


US: We operate on the principle of good faith and do not require a deposit. We trust that you are a responsible customer who will fulfill their financial obligations and honor their commitments.

Them: They typically require a 50% deposit, which is usually nonrefundable, because they are concerned that you might cancel at the last minute and leave them for a better entertainment option.

Travel Fees:

US: We make sure to include everything in the quoted price without any hidden charges or surprises. That’s why we may not be the cheapest option, as we thoroughly research to ensure accuracy in our pricing.

Them: Underbid, add options, and make you pay additional for travel. You’ll get the feeling you are working with a used car dealership.

Last-minute Bookings

US: We always prioritize last-minute bookings with the same level of dedication as an obsessive-compulsive parent carefully planning their child’s birthday party six months in advance. Rest assured, I do not inflate my prices simply because you have either recently discovered me or your busy schedule has only allowed you to make arrangements now. Your event is important to me, and I am committed to providing the best service possible.

Them: Last-minute bookings get the “special rate” because you, the eleventh-hour buyer, are a pain to deal with, and because of this, you’ll need to pay more for our services. Next time, book earlier and get a cheaper rate.

Cancel—Offered Better Opportunity

US: We don’t fake illness to avoid working for your party and stand by our prices. However, if a client insists on hiring us for an exorbitant amount and we take the job, we will pay the cost of your entertainment. We highly value our clients and your hard work in planning your event.

Them: They may be underbid to secure the job, but if offered more money or a better opportunity comes along, they call to exit their agreements.


US: We have been entertaining families full-time since 1989, and this is not merely a hobby. It is our chosen profession and career.

Them: With less than 25 years of experience, our calculations suggest that 80% of individuals pursue this as a side hustle.

Entertainment Style

US: Our family entertainment is specially curated to appeal to all age groups and offer an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Them: The props, jokes, and overall format of the show are either geared toward younger children or contain adult material that is not suitable for them.


US: Anyone can purchase professional equipment. Traits such as appearance, professionalism, and punctuality are qualities instilled during childhood. Our parents taught us important values such as respect, treating others as we wish to be treated, and prioritizing the needs of others over our own.

Them: Their marketing copy primarily focuses on how they can make your party great, but in the real world, we understand that parents are the ones who shoulder the stress of organizing and financing the event, and their thorough planning is what makes the party a success. As an entertainment service, we recognize that we are just one aspect of your celebration, and we strive to contribute our best to make it a memorable experience.


US: As a married father of two boys, we have firsthand experience in organizing and planning events such as baptisms, christenings, and first birthdays. Additionally, we hosted birthday parties for our children when they turned 5, 7, and 13 years old, with large groups of children in attendance.

Them: Based on our calculations, 60% of entertainers either have no children or have been through a divorce and thus have not had the opportunity to plan a child’s party themselves.


US: Our goal is to ensure clarity and accuracy, and to that end, we will provide you with a contract that outlines all of the agreed-upon details. We are also committed to investing the time and effort to ensure your party is executed according to plan.

Them: Creating a contract requires effort. Based on our firsthand experience, we know that many entertainers tend to take shortcuts when it comes to contracts because they find them unenjoyable and low-priority.


US: Acquiring a Certificate of Insurance (COI) for venues that request one is a straightforward task for us. Provide us with the venue/banquet name, and we will promptly contact them, ensuring the information is directly emailed to them. This simplifies the process, freeing you from an additional task on your to-do list and ensuring compliance with the venue’s outside entertainment requirements.

Them: Insured entertainers will provide proof of insurance but may neglect to submit it directly to the venue. Meanwhile, residential parties do not require a Certificate of Insurance (COI). Amateur or part-time hobbyist entertainers often neglect to purchase insurance as they steer clear of venues that require proof of insurance. We have also experienced “entertainment agents/companies” asking the performer to add them to the entertainer’s insurance to avoid paying for insurance. Responsible entertainers should possess a COI. However, you will be responsible for delivering it to the venue management.

Our MISSION is to provide the highest quality entertainment to businesses, resulting in a great audience experience.