Questions I might have missed, or you forgot to ask?

How much for a party? 

Price is based on time and the number of guests/children attending the party. Please provide the time, date, number of guests/children, and location when requesting a quote. We will promptly check availability and provide you with a quote for entertainment that suits your party’s requirements.

How far do you travel?

Private events, 25-50 mile radius for Orland Hills, IL, and corporate events, entire USA.

Is a deposit required?

I deal in good faith; you can pay me on the event day.

What payment options do you accept?

Cash, Personal/Business Check, Zelle, and Credit Card

How many balloon figures can you make in an hour?

We use a basic formula, 15 to 18 kids an hour or three minutes of interaction time. Interaction time includes inflating the balloon, interacting with the audience, and the process of choosing a balloon figure or color. When you factor these considerations into a balloon build, spending three minutes per child with fifteen children is a solid 45 minutes. Thus we recommend 15 to 18 kids an hour. This formula ensures that we have the appropriate time allotted for your event.

How much space do you need?

I’m self-contained and only need a two-foot by two-foot area—no tables required.

Will I get a contract?

Yes. We email a contract to verify the correct date, time, and address.