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entertainment dress code

Simple entertainment
dress code

I have been entertaining for years and have worked with many good and bad entertainers. Here is some advice on entertainment dress/costumes for new entertainers.

Gym shoes are great for gym, but not for professional entertainers! This look of wearing dress clothes with gym shoes was a great look for the 1980's - if you were a rock star or a TV comic. Invest in a pair of black shoes; they do not have to be dress shoes, but everyday black shoes. But do not rule out black dress shoes. When an agent hires me for a corporate event - they will get their money's worth, dress shoes and all. As the entertainer, you are the representative for the client, and the first person seen by the guests. So dress appropriately!

There are entertainers that have shoes that look like gym shoes, but they're not your normal white gym shoes, they are colorful and only worn for performing. These individuals are normally jugglers or unicycle riders that require gymnastic movements.

Blue jeans: If you're hired by an agent, NEVER wear blue jeans. They are for relaxing not entertaining! New black jeans or other color jeans can be acceptable, but never blue jeans. There is an exception to the blue jean rule - If the event is relaxed family event. Some events require blue jeans to help create a family or casual event. These types of events are designed for a specific atmosphere that the client will request. Otherwise black jeans or business casual dress pants are okay.

If you entertain at a family style pizza parlor, jeans are okay. However, make sure you mix up your clothing style. Wear dress pants one week, business casual the next, and then blue jeans to average out your appearance.

I have worked with some entertainers that have 40-100 costumes in their closet. Agents hire these individuals for their costumes, not always for their skills. So, keep this in mind - a great costume can get you more work by an agent. Agents are looking for pretty or dazzling costumes. It doesn't matter who they place in the costume, as long as the client pays the bill. Keep this in mind when you see over-the-top, elaborate and dazzling costumes, more than likely the entertainer has weak entertainment skills. Agents see looks, not always talent.

Keep a simple clean professional look, and you will see people lining up to see you work.

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