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Entertainment Business

Entertainment it's a Business!

When you first start out entertaining it is just a hobby, something you do on the weekend; and as time goes bye, the money gets better, and your skills increase this hobby turns into an entertainment business. Nevertheless, why do a large percentage of entertainers still treat their entertainment business has a hobby? You know these people. You call them with work and they have other plans or they never return the telephone call. I can understand the occasional weekend off to be with family and friends, but weekends are your workweek! Schedule your event during the week. There's only 52 weeks in a year, which is a limited time to make money.

My family and friends have learned over the years; do not expect me for the holidays (except Christmas). Holidays are for the days before or after the big event. If you are a hobbyist who entertainers, remember you are working with people who do this for a living. Their reputation and entertainment business is directly effect by your actions. Present yourself like a professional and make a friends with a full-time entertainer, so when you do get approached by a potential customer, you can pass the work on to this full-time entertainer.

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