Convention Trade Show

Convention Trade Show Entertainment, Research the Event and Surroundings

Being a professional balloon entertainer I have more responsibilities then just entertaining at a convention trade show. The client has hired me directly or through an agent and expects me to entertain the audiences. However, the client forgets that the entertainer is a representative of the company and is the first person guests see.

Entertainers are ambassadors of the company at the trade show and should be knowledgeable about the company's product, service, and terminology, along with the convention trade show facilities. If you are working with a good agent, they will know this and require you to dress, be positioned, and ready to entertain 15-30 minutes before any guest enters the event. Nevertheless, the agent forgets that the entertainer is an information booth, along with being a representative of the sponsoring company. Therefore, I feel it is up to the entertainer to do research. A convention trade show is an import business networking event for the vendor.

1. Ask the client or agent, what is the trade show is about?
2. Are the attendees local or from out of town?
3. If an emergency occurs, who do you look for help or contact?
4. If security is needed - lost child, stolen purse, dangerous or wet surfaces, how do you contact these people?

Convention trade show entertainer needs to be able to answer these questions. As an entertainer you will be the first person vendors or attendees will ask question too. Be prepared.

When you get to the event, research it. What events are going on? Ask the client or agent for a schedule of the events - what is happening, when and where, if there are any costs involved. And the most asked question, where are the bathrooms located? As a performer, were just not an entertainer, we are a representative of the sponsoring company and the entertainment agency, or your own business. Lastly, we are the information center for the convention trade show.

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Convention Trade Show
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