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Business Networking

Business Networking - Entertainer Style

People have written books, had conferences, and spent a lot of time talking about the importance of business networking. Nevertheless, entertainers overlook this subject. We look to do business networking for new accounts; insistently we look for the person who hires entertainment. We could spend a lot of time and money doing this type of search. This is why we have professional entertainment agencies. They do all the legwork for us.

When I refer to business networking, I am talking about making contacts with other entertainers. I'm always looking for another good entertainer, someone I can work with in the future, or pass work on. I look at all entertainment from jugglers, magicians, stilt walkers, fire-eaters, bands, balloonist, and anybody else making money while performing.

These are the people I try to do business networking with. I make sure I give them my business card and make sure I can get one of theirs. I am still amazed on how many people do not carry stacks of their own business cards.

When I do get a job that requires additional help, the first place I turn to is my new friends. I give them a call to see if they can help. It is a 50-50 chance that they have the time and date available, but at least I gave them a call. Making this gesture strengthens the friendship.

I recently was hired by an agent, which required me to hire two balloon entertainers for the Chicago Rush home games (February 2 Press Release). I could have booked myself and a friend for all the jobs, but that is not my style. Instead, I called two entertainers that I regularly work with Rick & Dave and two new entertainers Pam & Tony.

Pam is a local entertainer who has her own entertainment company and Tony is an upcoming Chicagoland entertainer. By spreading the work out, I have given my "network", business. Whom do you think they will call when they have extra business? This is what networking is about, spreading the wealth. By doing this, I now have four entertainers who will call me this year to pass on work.

I have had one entertainer who has not been able to pass work on to me directly, but he has recommended me to a couple of his personal agents. These are contacts that I would have taken a long time to get involved with, but now I am on first name bases with them.

Therefore, the key to business networking is to share the wealth, pass on work to other entertainers and they will pass work on to you. That's good business networking, entertainment style.

Copyright DEO Consulting, Inc 2004

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