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  • Giving parents a reason to talk about your restaurant.

Chicago Balloon Entertainer

Restaurant owners are you looking for a solution to:

  • Do you want a steady stream of income, then let's give regular customers a reason to come back.

  • Frustrated by negative Yelp reviews, then let's give customers a positive experience to write about.

  • Lobby of waiting customers is a good thing, right?  Except when they get bored and take to their phones to complain; here's how we can put fun into their day.


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Eating at my local pizza parlor I noticed they give out coloring page to the kids.  The waitress said it was something new as the owner was looking to bring families back to the restaurant.

Being an entertainer I thought, I could help this restaurant.  Kids love balloon animals and I know form my 30+ years of experience it works.

Be honest, it took a couple of months for our plan to fully take hold but now parents call ahead to make sure I'm there.

Would you believe implementing a simple customer retention plan of providing the kids balloon entertainment was such an easy solution?


No discounted food. No crazy giveaways.



A special no-risk,
no-obligation offer.

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People eat at restaurants that are in their budget, good food, clean, and have a family friendly atmosphere or theme restaurant to occupy the children. 

Sadly, many theme restaurants are expensive, while the quality of food and service are nothing to brag about to neighbors.  We visit these restaurants yearly and recommendations are not glorifying.

Kids Typically Dictate Where Parents Eat

When the kids are happy along with good food and service, the parents dining experience is heightened – giving them a reason to return and recommend your restaurant.

Magical Balloon-dude Dale specializes in helping restaurants retain customers and gives the customer a reason to boast about your restaurant by providing promotional balloon entertainment. 


Restaurant Entertainment

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This mom is happy and having fun.
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Who is Dale?

Magical Balloon dude DaleDale Obrochta is a professional promotional entertainerwho been working with restaurants since 1984.

He works closely with restaurants to build a strategy for customer retention, enahce the dinner expereince, and gives clean family entertainment that parent can brag about to friends.

Dale’s unique mix of comedy and balloon twisting has been earned him two appreance on TEDx stage, TV and Radio.

Kids and adults love balloons and watching a colorful balloon twist and turn captures an audience. Dale brings smiles and laugher to a restaurant as kids play with their balloon animals and enjoy their meal. Dale will work with you to create a night at the restaurant that parents will enjoy, kids will be happy, and customers will have a reason to brag about your restaurant dining experience. Dale has done this for other restaurants and would love to do it for you.


The Journey to entertainment...

I created DEO Consulting originally as a computer consulting company when I graduated from college.  

My first employee was a 53, an out of work national sales manager who understood sales, distribution, and networking. He became my Vice President.

My second hire was a seasoned organizer who had years of managing skills.   These two people shaped my business, honed my skills, and my two best employees...they were my parents.

Prior to me starting DEO Consulting, I loved to entertain and it was that passion that made me incorporate entertainment into my DEO Consulting business model.

A college degree, years of business experience, and a strong supportive foundation made it easy to segment out of the computer industry and into my real passion for entertaining people.

Started in 1988, DEO Consulting, Inc is a family owned business run by Dale and Michelle Obrochta.

It’s goal, to provide the highest quality of restaurant entertainment to businesses resulting in a great audience experience.


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Hindsight is 20/20

HindsightLooking back, I see a naive child who thought restaurant entertainment was just about making kids happy. It took working with wise restaurant owners to show me the ropes…

Frank took over his family restaurant and was in crisis mode as he realized the restaurants birthday promotion, age = discount, was quickly approaching the 80%.

Frank decided to invest in promoting kids entertainment three nights a week.  He had moderate success but had difficulties working with the young entertainer who lacked the work ethic and just didn’t understand an in-store promotion.

When I meet with Frank he outlined his concern and from past experiences, I designed a program that would help him established a loyal following of younger families.

Unlike the previous vendors, Frank placed signs announcing the family entertainment posted by the exits and restrooms along with table toppers.  A marketing tactic that I acquired from my days entertaining at nightclubs.

We changed the generic coloring pages to a customize promotional coloring page that had a cartoon picture of me making balloon animals.  Kids were encouraged to color the page and hang them on the wall. I’ve sat in many restaurants looking generic drawings and though…what a waste of valuable marketing real estate.

The front marquee, website, and waitress advertised the kids nights.

We even implemented a promotional program that I did for a restaurant serval year earlier, where each to-go order has a small 4x4 customize flier attached advertising kids night.

When I look back at what little I provided a restaurant owner I’m amazed they even hired me.


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Partner will to work with you...

My dad wore a suit, tie, and hat to work until he started working from home in the early 1980’s.

Mom stayed home to ensure a well-balanced meal was on the table, clean house, and help me with any trouble I go into, she was there by my side defending me.

It was that foundation of strong personal values of work, etiquette, and loyalty are reflected in my entertainment

I recall once sending a text to a store manager who hired me saying...

“I know you’re temporary managing another Portillo's this week but I want to give you a heads up in case somebody complains.  It has been close to a ½ hour and now the table has not been cleaned.  Want me to tell somebody?”

Portillo's has over 90 employees and during every shift, there are at least two if not three people dedicated to busing tables and ensuring the dining room is clean during the dinner rush.

His reply was, “No, I’m calling the assistant manager now.”

It would have been easy to overlook the mess, but my upbringing would not allow it.


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What do you Get?

Magical Balloon-dude Dale, a professional balloon twister, can provide your restaurant with high quality family entertainment, in addition he will promote his balloon activities in his press releases giving mention to your restaurant location. It doesn't stop there...He's been known to plug restaurant location on the radio, television and newspaper...FREE ADVERTISEMENT FOR YOU. Not to mention this web site. He will blog about your restaurant and the activities that are going on at your establishment.

Where and when is Magical Balloon-dude Dale performing?

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