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In the blink of an eye, another day passes; and with each passing day so does another day spent marketing my business. The countless hours spent making new connections, networking with old clients, interacting with entertainers, and developing new websites are never ending tasks. With the holidays quickly approaching I am already looking past them to January, February and March 2015. It feels like it is a long ways away, but it’s not. I need to have all my marketing […]

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Bears headbands

“Never let them see you sweat,” a phrase which must have been coined by an individual who wasn’t working in the heat. Summertime entertaining is always a battle of keeping cool, and keeping the blinding and burning sweat out of your eyes. I considered keeping cool like Jim McMahon and Walter Paton wearing head bands, but felt more like John McEnroe. Headbands are great for working out, but not for professional entertaining. I used to use handkerchiefs to wipe the […]

Posted by Dale Obrochta On Jul - 10 - 2014 2 Comments READ FULL POST

The sky darkens and rain comes down in buckets. There I stand before a line of twenty people looking to the sky as the rain comes down. My first reaction is to protect my equipment and flee, but fleeing is not an option. To the right of me is Dave Evans under his hot dog stand umbrella, twisting balloons and cracking jokes about the rain as his line slowly thins out. Behind me I hear Andy McDonald make a mad […]

Posted by Dale Obrochta On Jun - 24 - 2014 1 Comment READ FULL POST

During my thirty-plus years of balloon twisting I have learned some valuable information when it comes to line twisting. Line twisting is when a balloon entertainer is faced with the challenge of making as many balloons as possible in a given period, while kids stand in line waiting for a balloon. Every balloon entertainer will be placed in this situation, and the ability to work efficiently is key to being a successful line twister. I personally try to avoid jobs […]

Posted by Dale Obrochta On Jun - 11 - 2014 15 Comments READ FULL POST

$1,000 for a birthday party – sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? A colleague of mine, Andrew Smith, wrote a book explaining his technique for earning $1,000 for a birthday party. I was a skeptic at first. $1,000 dollars for a party! That is, until I was actually paid $1,000 for a birthday party. Now, I want to go on the record of saying…. “I did the $1000.00 birthday party before reading Smith’s advanced copy of his book.” […]

Posted by Dale Obrochta On Jun - 5 - 2014 4 Comments READ FULL POST

When I have time, I peruse the Internet looking at pictures and on this on particular evening while waiting for my son to fall asleep, I saw a picture posted by an Asian balloon artist. What caught my eye was the weave in the middle of the flower. It reminds me of a pattern that I probably doodled 1,000 times on a piece of paper. The next day I played around with the weave and found that it has a […]

Posted by Dale Obrochta On May - 20 - 2014 3 Comments READ FULL POST
Balloon Entertainment, Artists, and Enntertainer

If it has not happened, it will shortly. The list of things children will never know, use, or experience. It’s a part of life as the world and technology change. I remember when a phone was just a phone attached to the wall with a cord. A word processor was a typewriter, and if you wanted to know what your friends were doing, you had to go and talk to them. For all my life, I have been learning, practicing, […]

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Volunteer-Kids Show

That moment when someone from the crowd walks on stage with the performer, everything changes, from some memorized script to actual interaction. Total dynamic change. A representative of the audience, from the audience, is on stage. Someone the audience can identify with, sympathize with, cheer for, and often are just happy it’s not them. Everyone in the audience knows it could have been them. And, I believe, at some core level everyone kind of, sort of, wishes it was them. […]

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Dale - Business

I am constantly thinking about how to improve my entertainment business, and land that big paying gig. Too often, perspective customers are just concerned about price, and not about the skills that I could bring to their event. My dad would always tell me, “Son, people buy from people they like, and are willing to pay more just because they like you.” I could not help thinking about that statement as I watched Brandon Stanton, the photographer behind the photoblog […]

Posted by Dale Obrochta On Apr - 30 - 2014 2 Comments READ FULL POST

It was a very nice treat to look on Facebook and see all the people working on the Captain America’s Shield. I was especially happy to see a good friend Gerry Giovinco, AKA Captain Visual, took my basic instructions to another level. I admired Gerry’s work and his view on designing balloon figures. I can honestly say his style of balloon made an impression on me when I started some 30 years ago. I read his book, Captain Visual’s Big […]

Posted by Dale Obrochta On Apr - 22 - 2014 Add Comments READ FULL POST
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In the blink of an eye, another day passes; and ...

Bears headbands

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"Never let them see you sweat," a phrase which must ...


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The sky darkens and rain comes down in buckets. There ...


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During my thirty-plus years of balloon twisting I have learned ...


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