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Magical Balloon-dude Dale


Why hire Magical Balloon-dude Dale for your birthday party?

Magical Balloon-dude Dale can transform your birthday party into an event that your guests will remembered for a very long time. With over of experience Dale knows how to put the fun into your birthday party. “I do my best to make the most creative, eye-catching, realistic balloon figures possible, while keeping the kids and adults entertained” says Magical Balloon-dude Dale. “I make the parents look like geniuses for hiring me. The kids are having fun; looks of amazement are on the adults face as they watch me twist the balloons all while the parents are receiving complements about the birthday party” says Magical Balloon-dude Dale.

Having a 1st Birthday Party?

1st Birthday Party can be difficult for many parents. Parents want to have the perfect 1st birthday party and everything to go smoothly.  Magical Balloon-dude Dale has years of experience entertaining 1st birthday parties and can make the event memorable for your guest.   If the 1st birthday party has a theme, Dale can customize balloon figures to fit the theme.

How long do I need Magical Balloon-dude Dale?

Magical Balloon-dude Dale recommends 3-4 minutes per kid or 15-18 kids an hour. Birthday parties with more kids can increase time by ½ hour increments. Figure 2/3 of all babies will require a balloon. It’s not the baby that asks; it’s the parents, grandparents, and Aunts and Uncles who will insist they get a balloon. This is especially true if it’s the first child in the family.

“If you have teenagers attending the birthday party it is really hit or miss with them. Their personality will tell me instantly if they want a balloon. If the only thing cool is what they do and say, then they’re not interested a balloon; If they are bubbly, outgoing and like to joke around -- figure their going to be looking for a balloon” says Magical Balloon-dude Dale

Older adults’ lover balloons too! “Manytimes adults will insist I make them their favorite Disney character before leaving” says Magical Balloon-dude Dale. Take into consideration that adults will want a balloon too. “So when I ask you, how many kids are at the party, what I’m really asking is… How many people are going to want balloons?” After all you want everyone to have fun, so plan accordingly when it comes to booking entertainment time “says Magical Balloon-dude Dale.

Written birthday party testimonials about Magical Balloon-dude Dale birthday parties.

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Dale's appearance is professional and is designed not to scare little kids.

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"He's not your normal dog-making, heart-giving, sword-handing, balloon animal-making entertainer. His balloons are Balloon Entertainment at its best!"

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