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Magical Balloon-dude Dale

"When you work with Latex you have to do a lot".

Magical Balloon-dude Dale is Chicago's premiere balloon entertainer. He marvels the crowd with his spectacular balloon creations. His realistic balloon building requires no imagination and looks like the real thing.

Magical Balloon-dude Dale has amazed television viewers on WGN TV channel 9 morning news - "I Can't Believe What I'm Seeing". Host Paul Konrad was astonished with the recreation of the WGN traffic helicopter. Food critic James Ward was impressed with Magical Balloon-dude Dale's artistic skills when performing for WLS TV channel 7 - Rock'n New Years Eve Party, held at Navy Pier Chicago.If you haven't seen him, you may catch his comical humor on the AM1000, Steve Cochran show which he has appeared 6 times- AM1000 airs in 38 US States and Canada. AM1000 has requested Magical Balloon-dude Dale to perform at Trump Casino, IN., Chicago Sox Convention- Hyatt Regency, Sox game- Comisky Park, and Bandito Barneys- East Dundee. And his latest outing Arlington Racetrack - Arlington Heights IL.


Magical Balloon-dude Dale has had the honor of performing at the Target Grand Opening (Target Time) extravaganza opening 5 Target Stores. Included on his grand opening list has been the home of the 5-time world champion Chicago Bulls United Center. Magical Balloon-dude Dale has been interviewed in the Star Newspaper (July 27, 1997, Dimension). He received a front page coverage color photograph along with four color photos including a one page article. "The energetic entertainer cracks jokes as he furiously twists and turns several balloons and even draws faces on the animals. They say 'WOW, it really looks like a dog, it really looks like Mickey Mouse or it really looks like the Starship Enterprise.'" states the Star. Magical Balloon-dude Dale's balloon twisting has appeared in Qualatex ® Balloon Magic, The Magazine in the Spring 1996 issue, were he created Noahs Ark. In the Number 9 issue he contributed to the article Join the Winning Team; Which he gives his personal experience working with professional sports teams.

He appears regularly at Eat Bartolinli's Tuesday Nights in Midlothian, Wednesday at Aurelio's Griffith IN, Palos Heights Jullanni's Pizza Friday nights, and Crete Aurelio's Saturday & Sunday nights, between the hours of 6:00-8:00 p.m.

Magical Balloon-dude Dale's 100 year mission is to become the best Balloon Entertainer in the Chicagoland area... whether it kills him or not.

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