Preschool - Daycare Entertainment

  • Performs and entertaining and educational preschool act in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs

Balloon Show for Schools

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Magical Balloon-dude Dales performs at Chicago and suburb preschools with his entertaining preschool act. The children will interact with Dale as he entertains the children while educating them on colors, shapes, and TV characters. Balloons are a great way for children to learn. The bright colors and Dale’s comedy break up the daycare day making it fun and exciting.

Dale’s preschool entertainment works into a daycare’s arts and crafts project or into preschool program of themed educational activities. Most preschool programs have activity's that is designed around a topic. Colors, shapes or cartoon characters. Dale incorporates this into his preschool entertainment which makes it easy for daycare centers and preschools to work his act into their arts and crafts program.

Dale’s preschool program allows him to entertain the entire preschool or daycare center. Each preschool has age levels and Dale's preschool entertainment allows the preschool or daycare center to group appropriate children together based on age which allows Dale to entertain the entire class or school. Each preschool class will receive a special balloon creation that will go back to their classroom. Dale designs each balloon creation for the appropriate preschool age level.

Preschool - Daycare Entertainment

Dale's appearance is professional and is designed
not to scare preschoolers

Chicago Daycare Entetainment - Magical Balloon-dude Dale

Email Dale for his availability.

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Preschool Entertainment

Dale can put education and fun in to your preschool or daycare program. Don't wait call today (708) 744-0234

Daycare Entertainment

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"He's not your normal dog-making, heart-giving, sword-handing, balloon animal-making entertainer. His balloons are Balloon Entertainment at its best!"

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