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Entertainment Fund-Raiser


Professional entertainment improves your fund-raising capabilities.

The goal of fund-raising is to have people come to your event and donate to your cause. But getting people to attend a fundraiser isn’t as easy as posting a sign saying “Fundraiser Saturday- everyone come with money”. You need to provide your guest with high quality entertainment, good food, and an atmosphere that people with be happy to attend. The fund-raising experiences must be an event that people will talk about and are willing to come back to next year.

Why entertainment for a fundraiser, say no.
First mistake people make is they assume the entertainment will work for free or a reduced rate. The entertainment is told that its great exposure and you will have people seeing you and will hire you for their events. From my years of experiences, I have learned that this is a false statement. If you are working a fundraiser, most people are assuming you are donating your time or services and they expect you to do the same for their event. Very little work is gained from doing a free event. Most entertainers will get more bookings from a paying show.

Secondly, entertainers are inundated by fund-raising agency looking for free entertainment. This is why many entertainers say no, or they are very picky on which fundraiser they will support.

Get entertainment to say yes to your fundraiser.
If you are have multiple events, ask if the entertainer can help with prices if you do multiple events. First event full prices, second event…a little charity please 10%-20% discount if we book you for our next event. Offering to pay full price for the entertainment means you are going to get a first rate show. The entertainer will feel obligate to perform just as hard for your next event because their reputation is on the line. The entertainer will make sure the second fundraiser is as good or if not better then the first performance.

Secondly, offering to book the entertainment for a future fundraiser should get a yes from the entertainment. Entertainers live by bookings, if we can book ourselves for the entire year today, we will do it.

Fund-raising during the week, get entertainment to say yes.
Most entertainment is on Friday nights or weekends. If you have your event Monday through Thursday, this is slow times for entertainers. Entertainers can afford to give a discount on non-peak times.

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