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Entertainment Promotions

About Entertainment Promotions

Casino entertainment is one of the biggest entertainment promotion markets, but one of the most competitive markets in entertainment. Ironically it is the first thing casinos eliminate from their budget. Every performing artist dreams of landing the big gig, working at a casino. Big name stars make there living doing this, but for the lesser know entertainer it a dream come true. However, casinos look at entertainment promotions as a is lose leader. They would rather give out little junkie give-a-ways, instead of entertaining their guest. This doesn't mean casinos do not use entertainment promotions; they just don't use them to their fullest potential.

Corporations don't understand entertainment promotions.
Corporations feel that if they have a booth people will flock to them. That the product or service is so great that people will breakdown doors trying to get to it. This can happen, but it is very rear. Remember the Beanie Baby and Cabbage Patch Kids craze; people actually broke down doors to get to the product.

Marketing companies have realized for years that entertainment promotions work and they work great.
Coco-Cola doesn't just rollout the new soda, they present in an entertainment promotion. Famous people, pretty girl, entertainers, jugglers, balloon entertainers, artist, bands, you name it, they may have it. Why? It's entertainment that educates the consumer and enhances the promotion. Make people talk about the product; brands name become associate with the performer. Major pop stars are associated with a major soda company. Do the stars sell more soda? Not really - what they do is get people talking about the product. Which is what entertainment promotions is about, promoting the product.

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