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I have been entertaining now for 20 years and I keep updating my marketing material. Have you? I have learned over the years that you need to keep your marketing material fresh and up-to-date. Pictures need to be current; entertainment history needs to be updated and accurate. If you do these things, it will make it easier for you to send to potential clients. Here are some tricks to keeping your material fresh.

1. An old rule of marketing is never use a constant number. My first paragraph should be "I have been entertaining since 1984 and I keep…." This way the marketing material will stay current.

2. As your skills improve, take pictures of the designs or costumes. I like taking a real picture, not a digital picture. I take these real pictures and put them in a portfolio which I can review or show to future clients.

3. Look at all advertisements for new ideas. What was costly 2 years ago may now be affordable.

4. Create downloadable marketing material on your web site. Many companies have a meeting on entertainment that they will be hiring. How better to standout in the crowd then to have actual material that customers can download and print. These documents are printer friendly and are designed to be printed, not display on a computer screen.

5. Keep it in an easy format to change. If you use desktop publishing software or a simple word processor make sure you know where it's stored, and backup copies. Knowing where your PR material is stored, makes it easy for you to change.

6. Update marketing material right-a-way. If you know your going to play a big event. Update your PR that day. Update your files so when you go to print them, its current.

7. You're your own PR manager, if your marketing material is not up-to-date or even created there is only one person to blame, YOU! So, start today and develop a simple flyer and build from there.

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