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Christmas Party Entertainment

How to have successful
Christmas Party Entertainment

Chicago Corporate Holiday Party Entertainment

Are you in charge of the Christmas party entertainment? Corporations each year assign someone to organize the Christmas party entertainment and it is you this year.

Problems to avoid when having Christmas party entertainment
One problem I have seen over my many years of balloon entertaining is overwhelming the Christmas party entertainer with children. When planning a Christmas party it is vital to have an exact number count of kids attending. Most organizers assume Santa will be the main focus of the children, but this is a misconception.
Many times the balloon line

exceeds Santa's line. To prevent this problem, estimate 1.5 minutes per child. Thirty to thirty-five kids an hour. One hundred kids consider two hours minimal.

If time constraint is a problem, consider hiring multiple entertainers. People do not like waiting in long lines; line length should only be 10-15 people for a corporate Christmas party.

Don't make the rookie mistake of having multiple individuals entertainment talent for a large kid's event. Organizers assume people will wait in one line, but what happens is people split up - moms wait in one line, dads wait in the other. Consequently, lines will be long for both Christmas party entertainers.

Keep entertainment to multiple groups, two to three balloon entertainers and a magician to walk around. This way the lines will be shorter for the balloon entertainers, while the Magician can entertain the lines.

Closing Christmas party entertainment
No matter how fast an entertainer works, there will always be people who will not receive a balloon or get their face painted. To avoid this problem, assign a corporate representative to cutoff the lines. The representative will politely thank guests for coming and let them know that the entertainment is ending. All balloon and face painting lines should start shutting down 1/2 hour before the finish time. You don't want people waiting in lines and then abruptly cut off the line, making guest angry.

Christmas party entertainment in conjunction with simple planning can be enjoyable and make your corporate party a success.

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