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Balloon Pumps

When it comes to electric balloon pumps, you need to ask yourself these questions?

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How many balloons do I need to inflate an hour?
How long are my balloon jobs?
How fast does the battery recharge?
Will I need multiple batteries?
How much do batteries cost?
How many balloon jobs a week/day will I use the balloon pump?
Will I carry the balloon pump or wear the pump?
Does weight of the balloon pump matter?
Does the balloon pump have to be quite?
Does it matter if the balloon pump gets hot or stays cool?
Does the balloon pump have a hose or do you inflate right off the pump?

When you start to answer these questions and weight, size, recharge time, design layout all start to become critical then your are looking at buying an expensive balloon pump. If you are creative, you can make your own for $100.00 or less but will have some heat, battery, carrying, and noise problems.

You can make your own system by using a truck horn pump, pipe tubing, a rechargeable battery, and a home made carrying case. You will have to work out a trigger switch for turning the balloon pump on and off, when inflating the balloon. This will require assembling, testing, modifying, and redesigning, but can be done. For most professional balloon entertainers, we realize that just a couple of shows/hours will pay for the equipment off so it's easier just to purchase an electric balloon pump then make it.

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