Scrolling Badge

Scrolling Badge

Full Scrolling Badge Kit
- Everything included!

Buy the Ultimate Scrolling Badge Kit

Batteries, Cable, Software!

Blue, Green, or Red Digital Badge
with up to 16 message and 8 flasshing effects. $35.00

Digital Badge Kits

Red Digital Badge * Blue Digital Badge * Green Digital Badge

Trying to get your point across at a trade show and need to be different from your competitors? Get the a programmable Scrolling Badge that can scroll your message to your customers. Why have the boring old name tag, get the Scrolling Badge that can may you standout in a crowd.

I have been using this product as a profession balloon entertainer and I have had more people ask me about my Scrolling Badge. People will stop and just read the scrolling information on my chest. I don't stop them, they walk right up to me and say... "Just reading your badge" this is like gold at a convention trade show. People stooping to read your message!

The Scrolling Badge is a customizable name badge with scrolling L.E.D messages is completely programmable to say what you want when you want using BRAND NEW micro L.E.D. technology!

Patent Pending micro marquee LEDs make it the brightest idea on the market!

  • 16 messages storage capacity (256 characters per message!)
  • 4 Button On-Board Message programming!
  • 3 hot new colors to choose from! ( Blue, 168 LED's (Best resolution available!)
  • Upper and Lower Case Fonts, and International Scrolls smoothly from right to left.
  • 8 different speed settings (ranging from stop to very fast.)
  • 8 flashing special effects settings for more attention to your message!
  • Weighs approximately 1 ounce.
  • Attaches to your shirt using a super-strong micro magnet.
  • Uses a common CR 2032 button size battery that lasts over 25 hours(easily replaceable.) INCLUDE - 2 BATTERIES
  • Built in AC adaptor for optical AC adaptor
  • 6 month warranty.

The Scrolling Badge is an eye catching device. There are literally hundreds of uses for the Scrolling Tag. It's perfect for retailers, restaurants, trade shows, network marketing, sales people, political campaigns, and promoting the item with the highest profit margin.

The Ultimate package includes a digital badge, serial cable, 2 pack of batteries, software and instructions. (USB Adapter Sold Separately)

Requirements: Windows 98 or above and working 9 pin serial cable. If you don't have a serial port choose the USB option

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