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Promotional Entertainer - Preforming at Jewel Food Stores

The first thing you have to remember is that you are going to be working with creative individuals. These entertainers usually have a vast working experience in communicating with the public and can add uniqueness to a presentation.

Using Promotional Entertainment to the maximum
Harrah's Casino ran on-premise promotions which required select guest to a scratch and win promotion. People would wait 20 deep in line to redeem their prize. Harrah's promotion staff would stand there verifying the card and would congratulate the winners.

Everyone would win $2, $5, $10, $20 or $50. Two and five dollar winners were the majority of winners. As a promotional entertainer I had to put a spin on the event making it exciting. Two dollar winners become - Congratulations you have one eight quarters; the next two dollar winner won 20 dimes or 40 nickels. People enjoyed this twist - like slots you win quarters, nickels, dimes - people appreciated the quarter winning better then saying you have won two dollars. Harrah's Casino hired me as a balloon entertainer but recognized I had the ability to communicate with the guest and turned a boring promotion into fun.

Don't put limits on the promotional entertainer.
Part of being a promotional entertainer is working and communicating with the public. We as entertainers see and hear the good and bad things about the promotion. As a good promotional entertainer, we try to enhance the good, and correct the bad. Many times at the Casino promotional entertainers would smooth over promotional problems by "making a special balloon" for the guest or we would go to the promotional backroom and grab last week's leftover promotion and give it to the guest. The guest would feel instant gratification and become loyal to the promotional entertainer. The entertainer did something for them - if the gift came from the manager or promotional staff? The guest would demand more.

The promotional entertainer created a bond or friendship between the guest and the promotional entertainer. This gesture created an us against them (Harris Casino) mentality. Once the bond was created, whenever that promotional entertainer worked, there was a bond with the guest and instant creditability was given to the promotional entertainer.


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