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Balloon Twister Information
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Fresh Balloons


Being a professional entertainer, I realize that the quality of fresh balloons is important. Our 260Q balloons are stored at a constant 70 degrees, away from direct sunlight, and we believe in the just-in-time inventory control. The JIT inventory system allows us to have fresh balloon and not have balloons sitting around dry rotting.


The Qualatex SATISFACTION GUARANTEE covers both latex and Microfoil balloons, and balloon accessories not under warranty.

Return Procedure
If you’ve received unsatisfactory product, call the appropriate SATISFACTION GUARANTEE Hot Line below to receive a Return Authorization number. You’ll be asked for your name, address, purchase information, specific product for return, and reason for return.

Clearly mark the Return Authorization number on the package you’re returning. (Packages without the number will not be accepted.) Include a copy of your receipt, which must be within 60 days of your return. If you’re returning latex, please include the unused portion of the bag.

Replacement Procedure
Pioneer will replace the defective product with like product free of charge upon receipt, with the shipping charges prepaid.

USA 1-800-880-6118
Canada 1-905-560-6534
Europe +44 1279 501090
Australia 2-9905-9333
Mexico 222-244-6953
All Other Countries 316-688-8237

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