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Balloon Apron

Balloon Aprons,
selecting the proper apron

A balloon apron can say as much about your entertaining style as well as your costume. It is important to select the right balloon apron that will best fit your needs. Balloon aprons come in three basic designs, small, medium, and professional.

Small Balloon Apron
Small balloon aprons or mini aprons are used with smaller 160 balloons or mixed assorted 260 balloons. These bags are great for hobbyist balloon entertainers or Magicians. The mini balloon apron holds about 120 twisting balloons and simply slips on over a belt loop. Magicians use these mini apron to carry their balloons. It gives them a professional look, while not overpowering them with a big bag of balloons.

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balloon apron mini
Medium Balloon Apron
The balloon apron used mainly by clowns is medium in size containing 8 pockets. These balloon aprons simply clip on for easy of wearing and comes in a multiple colors. The eight pockets allows for quick filling and multiple balloons in each pocket. Clowns prefer this type of balloon aprons because it is easy to fill, can be color coordinated with their costume, and is cost effective.
balloon apron medium
balloon apron medium balloon apron medium

Clowns normally have to do multiple activities and normally do not carry all balloon styles and colors. This balloon apron is ideal for the clown that wants to do balloons. It will hold 2-4 bags of balloons with no problems, while still having pockets left over for the hearts, rounds, and geo balloons.


Professional Balloon Apron
Professional balloon aprons allow for storage of individual colors. Unlike the medium balloon apron which traditionally has multiple colors in one pocket, the professional balloon apron has individual holders to separate each color. This allows the balloon entertainer to quickly distinguish the black from the dark purple balloons.
balloon apron deluxe balloon apron tuck-n-go
balloon aprom jumbo
The professional balloon apron can have 1 to 3 rows of individual colors, and numerous smaller pockets to store, markers, business cards, hearts, rounds, Geos, eyeballs, smiley faces, clown heads, alien heads, and any other type balloon you would like to carry. The balloon apron requires more time for refilling, but creates an impressive looking display of balloons when worn. If you are doing balloons professionally, then you need the equipment to make your job easier. This balloon apron was designed to clip on for easy wearing and comes in different colors and styles.


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