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Most Web browsers give you the option to add a site to a list of places you want to re-visit. We hope you'll put Magical Balloon-dude Dale site on your list. We recommend bookmarking our homepage or news page, whose URL is (Home Page) or (News). After following this link, just perform one of the procedures below...for Netscape Navigator and Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

Netscape Navigator calls these bookmarks. To add Magical Balloon-dude Dale's site as a bookmark, go under the top menu item Bookmarks, then select the option to Add Bookmark. It's that simple. Remember, it will set a bookmark to whatever document you are viewing when the Add Bookmark command is made - we recommend our homepage.

To use the bookmark, select the bookmark directly from the Bookmark menu.

Microsoft Internet Explorer calls these Favorite pages. Go to the page you want to add to your collection of favorite pages. On the Favorites menu, click Add To Favorites. Type a new name for the page if you want to.

Tips: To store your page in a different folder, click the Create In button in the Add To Favorites dialog box.

To open one of your favorite pages, click the button on the toolbar, and then click the page you want to open. To keep track of your favorite pages, you can organize them into folders.

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