Easter Vests for Entertainers

Colorful Easter Eggs Vest

Vest front is covered with brightly colored
Easter eggs, four bottoms with adjustable strap
sizes L, XL, XXL

$44.95- $54.95


Easter Vest


Be festive at Easter with a holiday vest!

Easter Vests   The Easter egg roll/hunt

In England, Germany and some other countries, children rolled eggs down hills on Easter morning, a game which has been connected to the rolling away of the rock from Jesus Christ's tomb when he was resurrected. British settlers brought this custom to the New World.

In the United States in the early nineteenth century, Dolly Madison, the wife of the fourth American President, organized an egg roll in Washington, D.C. She had been told that Egyptian children used to roll eggs against the pyramids so she invited the children of Washington to roll hard-boiled eggs down the hilly lawn of the new Capitol building! The custom continued, except for the years during the Civil War. In 1880, the First Lady invited children to the White House for the Egg Roll because officials had complained that they were ruining the Capitol lawn. It has been held there ever since then, only canceled during times of war. The event has grown, and today Easter Monday is the only day of the year when tourists are allowed to wander over the White House lawn. The wife of the President sponsors it for the children of the entire country. The egg rolling event is open to children twelve years old and under. Adults are allowed only when accompanied by children!

Traditionally, many celebrants bought new clothes for Easter which they wore to church. After church services, everyone went for a walk around the town. This led to the American custom of Easter parades all over the country. Perhaps the most famous is along Fifth Avenue in New York City.

The Easter Parade along Fifth Avenue from 49th to 57th Streets is a wonderful celebration of strolling in Easter finery. Bonnets are taken to an extreme that only New Yorkers can reach; also expect to see live rabbits, pet snakes, flowers, clowns, and more. The street is closed to traffic for parade participants and people watchers from roughly 10am until 4pm

Easter Vests: Easter Brunch Entertainment   Easter Brunch Entertainment

Easter Bouquet

What to make your Easter brunch festive? Hire Magical Balloon-dude date to entertain at you Easter event!

Hire the best balloon twister that will make some of the coolest, oh my gosh balloons you can imagine. Your guests will be amazed, mystified, entertained, and will not be able to stop talking about their brunch with Chicago's best Easter balloonist!

Call today to book him for you Easter party.

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Easter Vests: Easter Sunday   Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday commemorates Jesus' resurrection. In the early church, converts were baptized into church membership on this day after a lengthy period of instruction. This tradition continues today in some churches.

Easter Vests: Lent  Lent

Lent: This was a period of spiritual preparation for Easter which typically involves fasting, penance and prayer. It was originally established by various Christian groups as an interval ranging from a few days to several weeks.

Among Roman Catholics, Lent lasts for six and a half weeks before Easter, excluding Sundays. Among the Eastern Orthodox churches, it is a full eight weeks, because Saturdays and Sundays are not included. Ash Wednesday: This is held on the first day of Lent, a Wednesday.

Easter Vests: Easter Bunny   Easter Bunny

According to tradition the Easter Bunny makes his visit every year, scattering brightly-colored eggs as he goes. The origins of the Easter Bunny aren't clear; the first recorded references to him are generally agreed to have come from Germany in the 1500s. In ancient times the rabbit was a symbol of fertility, equated with springtime and renewal of life, and the hare was also associated with the moon, whose cycles determine the precise date of Easter each year. Over time these traditions presumably merged with the annual celebration of Easter itself, and now the Bunny is associated with Easter in much the same way that Santa Claus is the secular symbol of Christmas.

Easter Vests: About the Author   About the Author

Magical Balloon-dude Dale is not your normal dog-making, heart-giving, sword-handing, balloon animal-making entertainer. His balloons are the coolest, eye-popping, oh my gosh - look at that balloon, you will ever see. This corporate entertainer creates latex art that will have people talking. Dale has been entertaining for over 20 years, and has worked with corporations to entertain at their corporate functions, private events, and fundraiser's. Dale’s quick wit comedy is clean, fun, and his twisting skills are unbelievable.

Easter Vests: Easter Countdown -4066 days until Easter   

Happy Easter

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