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Drawing Noses  

Noses are not that complicated and come in quite a variety.  The ones I have the most success with are oval circles.

(A)Nose 1 (B)Nose 2 (C)Nose 3

I use the nose in two different situations: First, I put the eyeballs right next to the nose, butted up to or having the nose overlap the eyes.  I can do this with the (A) and (C).  Second, I have the eyes over the nose with no overlapping--this is good for nose (B), because of the opening.  You have to experiment and find a face you like and that fits your character.

Face for 5 round balloon

If you notice in the example I've used two half-circles combined with an oval to create his nose.  This face would be good for a 5" round balloon.  

Here are more examples for you to try.


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