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Drawing Eyes  

Many people have been impressed with my drawing skills.  I have never taken a cartooning or art class.  I just watch the morning cartoons to figure out how the faces and characters should look.   I found there are some basic patterns.

Eyes:  If you look at the section call Eyes Examples.  You will notice that the eyes are just round/oval circles, with a circle inside that circle with a circle inside that circle.  The first circle is the outside of the eye or the contour of the eye.  The second smaller circle is the colored part of the eye, and the third circle is the white part in the black of the eye.

Notice that the blue part of the eye is located in the corner of the eye.  The center of the eye has a dark black ring giving the eye a more outstanding feature.  Most of my eyes are like above, but if I place the second and third circle further up I can obtain a cross-eyed look.  Good for making goofy faces.

You will notice in other cartoons that a fourth circle is used for the white of the eye.  This circle overlaps the black of the eye and the blue portion of the eye.

The forth dot would reflect a lighting. This is a very popular eye for cartoon characters.

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