Why hire Magical Balloon-dude Dale for your birthday party?

Kids Birthday Party Entertainment

Magical Balloon-dude Dale can transform your birthday party into an event that your guests will remember for a very long time.  With over 24 years of experience, Dale knows how to put the fun into your birthday party.  “I do my best to make the most creative, eye-catching, realistic balloon figures possible while keeping the kids and adults entertained,” says Magical Balloon-dude Dale.  “I make the parents look like geniuses for hiring me.  The kids are having fun; looks of amazement are on the guest’s faces as they watch me twist the balloons, all while the parents are receiving compliments about the birthday party,” says Magical Balloon-dude Dale.

Put the fun into your next birthday party with Magical Balloon-dude Dale

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  1. Article Kids Birthday Party entertainment..errors found in article …shold read will remember…spelling error…compliments, not complements…There are other errors on other pages and they do detract from your website for me as a retired English teacher…I will look for others as I read. Faye

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