Why do I need a trade show presenter?

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A trade show presenter is a tactician who understands the art of communication and uses their skills to increase booth traffic in front of your trade show booth. Many companies attend trade shows but do not have a person qualified to be the trade show presenter and need to acquire an individual skilled in the art of presenting material in front of an audience.

Determining how your company will relay its message to a trade show audience establishes the basic criteria you will need in selecting a trade show presenter. Will your criteria’s be scripting, podium presentation, using audio visual technology, gimmicks, over the top presentations, or the presenter’s ability to communicate? Successful exhibitors understand that each trade show has its own budget constraints, booth size and marketing objectives and not all trade show presenters are appropriate for every environment.

The basic goal of every trade booth is to generate leads and to educate the consumer about your company’s service or product. You can achieve this by simply utilizing the trade show presenter as a sideshow attraction or as a Hollywood stage presentation.

The sideshow attraction works best in small booths and allows education, entertaining, and lead generation, and traffic building to occur when the trade show presenter interacts with the attendee and inquisitively seek out key information to assess their need level. The higher the need level, the faster the trade show presenter turns the attendee over to qualified sales staff.

Hollywood presentations educate attendees on products and services requiring attention getting tactics and typically larger booth space. High tech displays and performance are there to dazzle the crowd into staying and watching the presentation with trade show jargon, sales pitch and information all rolled up into a 10 minute production. These normally happen 3-4 times an hour. Lead generation occurs when the trade show presenter requests the audience to enter into a raffle or qualifying them for an immediate discount for participating in the show presentation.

The return on investment is what a company looks for when hiring a trade show presenter. Accomplishing this is by knowing the companies specific needs and knowing what the presenter can offer. Once the issues are address, selection of a qualified trade show presenter is easy.

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