Vampires Can Be Girls Too!

Putting the bite back into Halloween

In this modern world we live in, we tend to fall back to the old stereotypes of Count Dracula with his black cape and pointed V-shape bangs.  This year, I am looking to break the model and make a vampire girl.  So I typed into the Google search box, “Female Dracula.”  I quickly learned that Countess Elizabeth Bathory, the Blood Countess, was considered a vampiric back in the 15th century.  I will reframe from making jokes about the ex (fill-in the blank) whose bloodsucking ways destroyed my life. Instead, focus on the vampiric design.

My first thought is to make a full-figure vampiric who rules the nightclubs stalking its prey in the bars. The goal of this is simple, make the sexiest balloon chick you can create and put a scary vampire face on it. Done!

The Hot Nightclubbing Psycho Killer

Yet, Hollywood has taught us; you need to watch out for the “good girl.” You know the ones with a mean bite that catches you off guard. I like this idea better because it can transform a cute little girl into this bloodsucking creature.  Now, you may say, “Dale, it has to do more with drawing the face than the accurate balloon figure.”  And I will have to agree with you. However, Halloween is about scary, demon faces.  When trying to keep the Halloween figure easy to reproduce and keep the overall size under control, you do not have much choice but to use a marker for details.

Here is a little girl next door who you do not want to meet in a dark alleyway.

Girl Vampire

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