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Learn how to draw attention to trade show booth
through the use of balloon entertainment.

Virtually every industry has a trade show. Be it local, regional, or national; the trade show booth is how companies showcase their products and services, while getting their messages across to the customers. Trade show booth entertainment can help energize, educate, and create a fun atmosphere at your booth.

Trade show marketing requires trade show giveaway, booth design, and personnel must have a fun sales message or be really cool for people to notice your trade show booth. Companies dress salespeople and managers up in bright costumes, wear crazy hats, and everyone has a corporate logo shirt, but these people just stand in a booth watching people pass them by. These are not promotional entertainers, just salespeople looking and feeling foolish. Is this the corporate image you want to display at a industry trade show?

Hire Trade Show Booth Entertainment:
Have you ever noticed that live entertainment stops people in their tracks? It may be just for a couple of seconds or minutes, as they interact with a professional entertainer. A professional entertainer can communicate to a large audience, disseminate information in a professional yet entertaining manner, while the customers absorb your sales message, allowing your salespeople to interact with audicance members professionally.

Balloon entertainment does this, but also allows for customers to walk around with spectacular balloon creations while others ask, "Where did you get that?" Of course they are going to have to direct them to your booth - that is what trade show booth entertainment is about, drawing people to your booth!

Stop the crowd from
passing you up and
generate quality leads!

Trade Show Booth Entertainment
Parker Seminars Las Vegas 2005 -
Chiropractic Convention

Create Trade Show
Booth Envy!

Trade Show Booth Envy
(2.3MB- 37 Sec)

A trade show booth balloon entertainer can develop a balloon design based on corporate colors, product shape, or play on product name. But the most important thing is you will have a professional spokesperson giving a sales pitch to waiting customers. Customers will be captivated by a balloon entertainer twisting and turning three-foot colored balloons. While watching, the balloon entertainer interjects comedy with product knowledge into his act. This gives your company the best sales pitch at the convention and attracts people to your booth.

Increased Visibility
Booth Filling Crowds
Lead Generation

That is what trade show booth entertainment is all about!

Testimonial on how well
trade show booth entertainment works

Trade Show Booth  Entertainment - Home and Garden Show

Trade Show Testimonial
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Points out your service
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Imagine other vendors displaying balloon creations with your business card!

Play Video
Play Video

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Sales Pitch with a business card.

Play Video
Play Video
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