Tips On Writing An Article People Will Read

Writers Block - What to write?Have you ever suffered from writers block? I have, I actually have been having a hard time coming up with unique things to talk about in these 10 articles.

Article writing is a crucial part of keeping your site healthy and demanding that search engines come back often . By writing and submitting articles on a regular basis you have the ability to offer services, and to show how you’re the expert in your local market. This is also a powerful way to stay in front of your target audience. But how many in the industry are actually doing this? How many are working hard to really market themselves online? The answer to that should be very obvious, almost NO ONE. YET!

As the education on these issues becomes more and more available, the more competitive this will become. In Fact it is already getting harder because of changed Google has been making.

Tip #1 : Pick your topics to attract readers.

Think of articles you write as magnets. The stronger the magnet the more readers / links you will gain. Oh, before I forget, do not write these to the industry, write them for your clients in terms they understand (AVOID JARGON).

The topic should be something they are already looking into and wanting information on.

A few things that you could do..

  • Top X List
  • Best of List (tomorrow I am doing Best Web 2.0 to get you to page 1 of google)
  • How To
  • How to Pick
  • Interviews

Tip #2:  Know your PURPOSE

What’s the point? Why are you writing the article? If it’s just to get some traffic then people will see that and won’t care. Much less pick up your RSS feed and follow it everywhere they go. To keep your purpose focused do these things.

· Write about things you love (I love cupcakes and parties)
· Write about things you KNOW your clients NEED (you need to be blogging)
· Write about things that will help your audience (by following a few things you can increase your ROI, just ask Carl Woody @

Tip #3:  Toss in a Video here and there.

With as powerful as video has become this is a no-brainer. In word press use the POD PRESS Plugin.

Tip#4: Tell a STORY

People relate to a story better than just information. The goal here is to write something people want to read but also need. So give them GREAT information but tell a story while doing it. In your story offer a sample of the feeling you want them to have in your article. Isn’t it good to know where your going and how to do these things.


This is the biggest thing I have for you. ACTION!!!! So many learn so much but do NOTHING. I’ve seen it in my own classes I teach. I have handed many a student priceless information for them to get excited and then 6 months later NOTHING. Sit down today and plan out your list of what to do next. Me today I am taking son to Nanna’s and then back home to write my next few articles. OHH what a day.

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  1. I’ve been trying to put an interesting picture(s) into the article, hoping this will help stimulate the reader to read the article. Depending on the article I find old time picture or movie picture help sell the store.

    Do you have an good recommendations for royalty free images?

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