Time to Get the Turkey

Doesn’t matter how you slice it, there’s going to be turkey on my plate.

This weekend is going to be crazy at the grocery stores with everyone stocking up for Thanksgiving. Do you go with a fresh whole turkey, process turkey, or skip the dark meat altogether and go for the turkey breast?  Whether you prepare it on the grill, deep-fry, or cook it in the oven, turkey is “good eats,” as they say.

You can hold the yams, push off the cranberries, and pass on the green peas, but give me a good old scoop of some buttery mash potatoes, a good glass of wine, and a big old drumstick.  I” m too stuffed to eat stuffing. Now that makes for a good belt losing Thanksgiving meal. The only real question I have is, “How big of a pie slice do I want.”

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