The Unknown Entertainer

Since starting my blog I have been reading more and more blogs. What surprises me is how many bloggers talk about entertainers, but never mention the entertainer’s name? They write how great the entertainment was, how the kids enjoyed themselves, and will complain about the long line they waited in, but very rarely, and I mean rarely, do they give the name of the entertainer.

As an balloon entertainer it bothers me not knowing who they are talking about. I can only assume that either the individual writing the blog felt the entertainer was an insignificant character and adding their name wasn’t enhancing their story. Which puzzles me more, because it they are praising the entertainer why not mention them by name. Wouldn’t it show praise to that entertainer?

The other conclusion is the entertainer failed to provide their name clearly at time the performance. If this is the case the author would not be to blame, but the fault lies with the entertainer. If that’s the case, then here are some tips to help customers remember your name while entertaining.

  • Wear a name tag – Something that all entertainers should do, unless you’re and international celebrity.
  • Provide a sign that has your name – Working large crowds of people, give them something to read.
  • Be entertaining – Create an atmosphere where people want to remember you and your skills.
  • Poll the audience with silly questions – Who’s the best balloon twister at this party? Of course you’re the only balloon twister there, so it has to be (Insert name here)
  • Ask a question of the audience – First person who can spell my name correctly or backwards get to help in the show or gets a special prize.

Do you have another idea on how you can get your name known to an audience? Did I overlook something…? I always welcome readers input.

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  1. I didn’t mention my friend’s name because I’m not ready to introduce him as my boyfriend yet. 😉 But his name is Jonathan and he’s quite impressive, I think. Thanks for the comment you left on my blog.

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