The Gypsies are Coming, Get the Kids Ready

“Carter the Gypsies are in town put that down or I’m going to sell you to the Gypsies.”  Carter ignored me and went on his merry way playing contently.  To my dismay he was insisting on hitting the dog Mabel, our 7-year old English Springer Spaniel, in the head with his toy penguin making it squeaky each time he hit Mabel.  Mabel lay motionless as she stared at Carter’s breakfast plate lying on the floor in front of her.  She waited frozen in time and space with anticipation and delight for that a silver dollar pancake that was sitting directly in front of her; or it was Carter’s repetitive whacking a toy to her head has made her comatose. Either way, Carter wasn’t listening.

My wife Michelle chimed in with “How do you know that the Gypsies are in town?”

“I’m on the email list” I told her.

“They have email, but where do the live?”

“They’re Gypsies, they travel the world buying kids and I’m thinking of putting Carter on the list.”

“But, how do they send their emails, if they’re traveling the world?”

“Gypsies have laptops. They steal open Internet connections to send out their newsletter and I’m on the list–when they’re passing through a city they notify all on the list.”

“Oh”, said Michelle, “I see now.”

I’m not a Gypsy and I don’t buy kids, but I do entertain kids and have a newsletter.

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