The Daydream

I think all of us have let our minds run wild in the middle of the day. We daydream about making it big or just having the time to sit back and enjoy life, but whatever the daydream is, they take two forms.  One is that we are powerful, rich and willing to throw our weight around for either good or evil while the second is we’re well connect and have very influential friends.  The outcome is usually the same, we get what we want.  Then reality sets back in and we go about our daily grind.

It happened this past Mother’s Day I was entertaining for a family at Olympia Fields Country Club and I noticed a mom eating with a very relaxed posture and giving the appearance that she was enjoying every bit of her meal.  She dazed out into space very contently and finished her meal.  I was at the end of the 20-foot table and when she looked down to see what I was doing I ask “Did you have a good trip? Because you look like you’re in a very happy place.”  She replied, “Really”. At that moment dad came back with the three boys and the little girl I was entertaining quickly shouted out, “Look mommy I getting a Mermaid”.   That’s when it hit me, for that split moment mom was content.   It was nice to see that in some way, by me keeping her daughter content for those couple minute’s, mom was able to relax and enjoy herself. Now I doubt anybody else would perceive it that way, but that’s the way I recall it or maybe I just daydreamed the whole thing.

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