Great Balloon Animal Designs That Use Heart Balloons

Balloon candy cup for valentines day using a heart balloon

The Durable Heart It’s twisted, stuffed, split, has lobs attached, and distorted to the point that it is unrecognizable. That is what balloon entertainers do to a heart balloon.  This little balloon was designed to show love. Yet diabolical entertainers look at this balloon and wonder?  How can I distort the heart to make something … Read more

Cupid Gets A Makeover For The 21nd century

Valentine’s Day, the day that couples and children show their appreciation for one another. Yes, like many holidays, it has become more commercial with sales of flowers, candy, lingerie, and Valentine’s Day cards.  These are just some of the companies cashing in on love. One of the symbols related to Valentine’s Day is Cupid. Cupid, or if you … Read more