Truth About The Hospitality Industry – A Classroom Experience

Keynote Speaker Dale Obrochta wearing a blue balloon hat

Over three decades of accumulated knowledge is shared with Hospitality Students at Kendall College in one afternoon. “My job is to create a fun atmosphere, make the participants feel special, and make the guests and all those involved the stars of the show,” says Dale Obrochta as he speaks to the hospitality class at Kendall … Read more

To Achieve Success You must Perform

Balloon meme congressman

We have all heard, to be good at anything you need to practice, but practicing and performing are two different things. Take a movie star and place them in a Broadway stage show, where there are no second takes. They must adapt, cover up, and make corrections on the fly. This is one reason why … Read more

Educating with Balloons

Educating with Balloon Banner

Comedy, balloons, and knowledge twisted for an afternoon of educational fun. This coming Wednesday, October 19, 2011, I will be presenting to the Lombard Chamber of Commerce on How to Enhance Your Businesses through Your Image. This forty-five-minute presentation intertwines balloon art with business logic.  The Chamber will be videotaping the presentation to air on … Read more