Cheap Way To Brand Your Entertainment

Branding Your Image

The weather turned cool this past weekend, and I dug out my jacket, which made me think? Why aren’t entertainers branding their jackets with their logo? This was popular years ago, and it’s a cheap way to brand your entertainment and advertise. Watch the video as I show you different shirts I’ve made over the … Read more

Spamming Or Is It Good Marketing

Twisting Balloons

You’re proud of your work and want to show it off to the world. “You’re spamming the group,” flames a post. Another post reads, “I’ve seen this already – STOP posting the same thing in every group.” Is it spamming or marketing? For now, ponder over this question. I’ll ask for feedback after you’ve read … Read more

In 90 minutes I helped a friend and Created a Marketing Campaign

Dale Obrochta

One Sunday morning I found myself spending 90 minutes reading about a sound system. I’m not shopping for a new sound system, but read a post from a ventriloquist friend who was trying to solve an acoustic problem. The past 60 minutes I spent researching linear sound systems was interesting and educational. I found a … Read more

The Endless Cycle of Marketing

Marketing Material

In the blink of an eye, another day passes, and with each passing day, so does another day spent marketing my business. The countless hours spent making new connections, networking with old clients, interacting with entertainers, and developing new websites are never-ending tasks. With the holidays quickly approaching, I am already looking past them to … Read more

Transforming Client Relationships through Meaningful Connections in the Entertainment Business

Smile, Dale Obrochta

I am constantly thinking about how to improve my entertainment business, and land that big paying gig. Too often, prospective customers are concerned about price, not the skills I could bring to their event. My dad always told me, “Son, people buy from people they like and are willing to pay more just because they … Read more

Advice on How to Get on an Agent’s Website

Balloon marketing material

It’s not easy, but it is possible. Gaining a spot on an agent’s website isn’t an easy feat. Over three decades, I’ve learned that securing a place on their prime real estate website requires offering something they truly want or need. Getting on a list is a breeze; every agent maintains one. You’ll know you’re … Read more

January, the Month to Move Forward

Dale Obrochta with schools kids from a school fun day program.

They say a rolling stone gathers no moss, but if that stone only moves a fraction of an inch every decade, it will become moss covered. As I start my third decade of balloon entertaining, I find that I am constantly pushing my skills to new levels. I am not talking about balloon twisting skills, … Read more