New Grim Reaper Candy Cup for Halloween

Grim Reaper Candy Cup Balloon Instructions

Halloween is that time of year when I, a balloon entertainer, get creative with my ideas. The cute balloon figures are transformed into ghoulish Halloween treats. A trend that has been happening for several years now has been the balloon candy cup treats. My goal is to create a Halloween balloon candy cup party treat. … Read more

Halloween Ghost that is Easy to Make

Balloon ghost made from a 11 in round balloon

One of my favorite holidays is Halloween. It’s not the gore or the scariness of Halloween that I enjoy — it’s the creativity. That is why my favorite Halloween balloon design is the ghost, as I can use my imagination to change its appearance. I can transform the ghost design into a scary, silly, or … Read more

The Fright for the Candy

Pumpkin Ghost Holloween

Every year around the USA, you will hear kids fighting, swapping, and hiding their Halloween treasures – CANDY! Candy, the monetary currency of children, allows them to learn the art of swapping, stealing, and bartering, which is to say before mom makes them drop it into one big buck.  Then it is placed on top … Read more