No Prize for the Most Fonts Used

Balloon Animals Featured Blog Post, by Balloon Artist Dale Obrochta
Be snobbish about fonts

Call me a font snob, but your professional status goes down with the more fonts you use. It’s like golf or blood pressure. You want the lower numbers.

When you look at a snappy dresser, how many colors and patterns are they using? Not many.  Each color is complementary or matching to the other colors. Plus, he or she is wearing a color that flatters them.

When you enjoy a 7-course meal, you aren’t served cheese whiz with caviar. And you’re not poured Paps with the escargot.  Dessert is not blue jello with chocolate soufflé. A pleasant dining experience will be well thought out and in theme. Including extraneous types of food that don’t go with each other is more like a smorgasbord at the Country Buffet.

If you want to be the snappy dresser or the five-star dining experience, you need to figure out your brand and keep it in theme. Which main font represents your brand? Pick one font for your titles. It can be unusual and flashy, but you need to select a normal font for the body of your text. It’s getting busy after three fonts.

Too many fonts and colors will confuse your reader. It tends to look busy, messy, and unfocused. Look at the fortune 500 companies, analyze their materials, looking at their fonts, colors, and style.


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Balloon Animals Featured Blog Post, by Balloon Artist Dale Obrochta

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