List of Balloon Groups On Facebook

There are many Facebook groups for balloon artists.   Some are private groups – invite only.  There are even secret balloon groups.  Oops, the first rule is you are not supposed to talk about these secret groups, unless your in the group. If your in a secret group, pull out your decoder rings and start decoding the … Read more

New Entertainers Resource

It is mind-boggling, just a decade ago; most, if not all good information, was in books. Now, with the Internet, information is at our fingertips. Like a needle in a haystack, finding good information can be tricky. Blogs, Facebook groups, web forums, and countless web sites all saturating out information. The newbie’s of the entertainment … Read more

The Top 10 Resources for Balloon Entertainers

Balloon Animals Featured Blog Post, by Balloon Artist Dale Obrochta

Top 10 Resource for Balloon Entertainers Over the past year I have been compiling  resource information for the resource center and after reviewing that list, I have complied my top 10 list of balloon entertainers resources that entertainers should checkout. The list consists of balloon forum, manufactures, and educational resources. Forum – A … Read more