Deco-Twisting Soaring, While Helium is Depleting

Balloon Decorations for a Wedding

In 1998, my wedding hall was filled with balloon table toppers, arches, and decorative displays, all floating majestically in the air. That was 1998. Now, in 2013, the price of helium has skyrocketed as producers interrupted distribution of helium production. Horror stories abound of balloon decorators searching five state areas searching for the precious gas … Read more

I can do that!

Instant Mastery of skills, no training needed Sitting on the couch watch Kung Fu and working out to the latest boxing crazed workout video automatically turns one into a Nina Master. Bring it on; I do these maneuvers in my weakly workout. I’m invincible.  A little knowledge is dangerous; we just over look all the … Read more