3 Facebook Groups You Should Know About

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Specialized Balloon Facebook Groups Over the past few months, I have seen an increase in specialty groups for the balloon industry¬†on Facebook. The three newest groups are the Deco-Twister Balloon Artists, Hairbanders!, and Line Twisting. Deco-Twister Balloon Artists focuses on decorating with twisting balloons. This field has grown over the past three years because of … Read more

Choking on a Biodegradable Balloon

Balloon Animals Featured Blog Post, by Balloon Artist Dale Obrochta

I was googling the net and found this blog Green Sexy Balloons—Fun and Biodegradable? Now it’s common knowledge to balloon entertainers that latex twisting balloons are biodegradable and the manufacture tells us that a latex balloon will biodegrade as fast as an oak leaf. What I found interesting was the biodegradable information was part of … Read more