Get More Money By Networking With Entertainers


I think there’s an aspect where entertainers don’t fully grasp the importance of networking and thus miss out on fully capitalizing on its benefits. It could be that people they try to network with have egos, territorial behavior, or personality conflicts, and these obstacles impede the effective collaboration process. The focus goes from collaboration to … Read more

How To Raise Prices On Repeat Customers

Balloon sales, price increase as you need to raise prices on past clients

How do you handle raising prices on repeat customers that you’ve previously charged a lower rate? Early in my career, I consider using a low price strategy to capture the market, but after hearing a story from my dad, I changed my mind. My father’s colleague’s wife, Sarah, opened a beauty salon, and her goal … Read more

Balloon Animal Entertainer Uses a Gravatar to Band Products and Services into Blog Posting

Balloon Animals Featured Blog Post, by Balloon Artist Dale Obrochta

I am amazed at how many entertainers miss the opportunity to brand themselves or an image to a blog post or comment.  Many times, when skimming through blogs, I will recognize a gravatar and immediately I know who made the post. Branding and image to the person allows readers, like me, to know if it … Read more