Balloon Animals Artist – What Does That Mean?

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“What do you call yourself?” You would expect to hear the dialog from a science fiction movie as the glamorous heroine asks an alien to define its origin. Yet, this question has been asked 100’s of times by my mom’s and dad’s trying to figure out what to call a person who makes balloon animals. … Read more

Defining the Balloon Industry

I am opening a can of worms here by trying to define the  balloon industry and it categories. It is like trying to define Love. Every person in the industry has their own meaning of what a Balloon Artist consists of and what defines them as an Artist.   Yet this term “Balloon Artists” is tossed … Read more

I can do that!

Instant Mastery of skills, no training needed Sitting on the couch watch Kung Fu and working out to the latest boxing crazed workout video automatically turns one into a Nina Master. Bring it on; I do these maneuvers in my weakly workout. I’m invincible.  A little knowledge is dangerous; we just over look all the … Read more