Working with 646 Balloons

Balloon monkey

  A six inch diameter balloon is a big balloon. They are three times larger than the normal twisting balloon, takes a lot of air to inflate, and when they pop, look out. This month I was contracted to make several animals for a Safari themed event. I decided ; to use 646 balloons for … Read more

Squeaks that Scare

Years of balloon twisting has taught me to listen.  Yes. Listen. You need total silence, like a cold winter night when you can hear the ice cracking as the lake below slowly tears at the weakest points.  The next day you can see an open patch of water and with each minute that passes, the opening … Read more

Grundy County Balloon Scrap Flamingo

Are those Special Balloons? People are always asking, “Are those special balloons you use?”  I laugh and tell them “Yes, they’re trained to do make these shapes.” I was cleaning up the area after a balloon show and getting ready for my next performance when this balloon scrap was pointed out to me by my … Read more