Summer Fun Means Marketing for Fall

Summer FunThis is the time of year when I struggle to keep focused. Nice weather, family activities, and the weather drain me physically. It is nice getting up in the morning and having breakfast outside on the deck, watching the birds feed at the bird feeder. I check to see how the vegetable garden is progressing and keep reminding myself that I need to stain the deck stairs before summer ends.

Midsummer means fall and winter marketing needs to kick into high gear. This year will be crazy with only three full weekends in December before Christmas. Ninety percent of my December is booked so I am not concerned about December. It is the months prior to that which need attention.

It is hard to focus on Fall, when business is going smooth, vacations are planned, and the beautiful summer nights are calling me to sit out and have another glass of wine. Nevertheless, as I write this I know tomorrow will be about planning for the Fall, searching through past events, calling planners, and marketing myself again.

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