Simple Balloon Design, Creates Big Impact.

Asian balloon artists work.

When I have time, I peruse the Internet looking at pictures and on this on particular evening while waiting for my son to fall asleep, I saw a picture posted by an Asian balloon artist. What caught my eye was the weave in the middle of the flower. It reminds me of a pattern that I probably doodled 1,000 times on a piece of paper.

The next day I played around with the weave and found that it has a lot of potential. I could see it being a large flower, but quickly it turned into a shield. I realized it can transform into a space ship just by adding some balloons to the basic shape. This design was not only quick, but had multiple uses.

I liked the design so much that I connected four of them together to create the backdrop for the video. It wasn’t hard, I just needed a couple of 160’s to secure the petals together.



A couple of days later I made a YouTube video instruction on the balloon weave. After that I saw other ideas, like a star, which I had overlooked. I then realized that flowers have 5 petals, so I added another one.

Balloon Star 5 points

5 peddle flower

It’s not too often that I see a design that has so much potential, yet this is one of them that I will be using for multiple purposes.

4 thoughts on “Simple Balloon Design, Creates Big Impact.”

  1. I agree with you 100% on “perusing the Internet”. Tons of fantastic ideas and talented artist’s. Best part is when you add to the design, change it, improve it, whatever. You can then send it back to the original site or person you saw do it to share back with them. I have been able to make many new connections this way (Russia, Germany, South America and all across the US. Lots of people to share ideas with.

  2. I am just getting started with twisting. I hope to have enough basic experience and confidence to do a little art show “gig” in October. I get. Lot of my “training” and inspiration from the net. I especially follow Holly Hopper. Starting out, I obviously am patterning balloons very much after who I am learning from and I ALWAYS give credit for the designs to whoever I learned them from. As I work a little event though, how do I make designs more my own and also how do I properly recognize those who are the original designers? I paint a lot and have learned from wonderful people. I do not attribute individual strokes to anyone in particular, but if I do a design straight from their patterns or in a style so close it clearly has been influenced, I give credit. I just don’t want to do the wrong thing. I know in time I will develop plenty of my own variations of swords, animals, etc. but what about in these early days? Thanks for any advice you can share!

  3. Dale,
    I started learning about balloons in February when my niece told me she was having a baby and asked if I could do the decorations for her party. I went to u tube and thought I could do the decorations with balloons. I spent many hours looking at pacifiers, rattles ect. I was surprised to find so many other ventures for ballon twisting/ art. It has taken me 3 months to find you and others. At 53, I found something that makes me happy. Thank you for sharing , I am contemplating doing this as as “job” also, the shower was very successful.

    THANK you for being so generous!

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