Truth About The Hospitality Industry – A Classroom Experience

Over three decades of accumulated knowledge is shared with Hospitality Students at Kendall College in one afternoon.

“My job is to create a fun atmosphere, make the participants feel special, and make the guests and all those involved the stars of the show,” says Dale Obrochta as he speaks to the hospitality class at Kendall College in Chicago. Obrochta was asked to share his insight and knowledge of the hospitality industry he gained through his thirty-plus years of being a professional entertainer.

Obrochta captured students’ attention by questioning his knowledge of the hospitality industry. “I know what you’re thinking…what does a guy who makes balloon animals for a living know about the hospitality industry?” With that said, Obrochta’s presentation kicks off. Within seconds Obrochta takes a simple college lecture and transforms the room into an industry event.

Students get balloon hats in the Kendall College colors (red and white) and are encouraged to put them on, take selfies and share this classroom event on social media sites. In minutes, the event has hit social media outlets, and Obrochta isn’t done yet.

Obrochta stands at the front of the room wearing a very simple balloon hat, and he starts to demonstrate his message. “All events start simple, but planning them requires detail, just as my hat will become more detailed.” More balloons appear, and as the presentation goes on, Obrochta uses balloons to highlight critical points in his performance.

Kendall College Hospitality ClassStanding in front of the classroom with a huge colorful peacock balloon hat on his head, Obrochta concludes by telling the class: “If I’ve done my job properly, the client will be standing like a peacock, proudly showing off his feathers to the world, saying ‘Wow! What a great conference they just produced.’ In reality, my job was to make them the star of the show. That’s when I know I have done my job successfully.”

Obrochta’s presentation highlighted his three decades of balloon entertaining and his professional speaking skills to the Kendall College audience that day. “I can see why Dale was the 1st TEDx Visual Balloon Interpreter,” says Instructor Stephanie Leese Emrich, CGSP Kendall College.

Instructor Emrich invited three guest speakers into her classroom on June 3rd, giving her students exclusive access to other hospitality industry perspectives. Students learned about the travel industry from Amanda Scotese – Founder of Chicago Detours, and independent filmmaker/producer Donald Harrison of 7 Cylinders Studio.

In Chicago, Kendall College is offering programs in hospitality management, culinary arts, business, and early childhood education.

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