How To Sell Balloon Yard Art To Parents

Selling Balloon Yard Art

I am looking at a paper sheet with little 3D figures, and I have to see which figures are identical.  The problem is the figures are flipped, inverted, and lying on different edges. My job is to mentally picture the object in my head and rotate, flip, or invert the shares and pick out the identical shapes.

“You ranked extremely high in the 3D portion of the test”, said Sarah, the lady interviewing me for the marketing job.  I thought to myself, years of working with balloons, I better see things in 3D.

Visualizing in 3D is not a common trait, and when you ask a client what they want, most will show you a picture from Pinterest.   No, not a Pinterest picture, I tell in my head!

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Here are the questions I use when working with clients seeking to have balloon yard art.

  1. I don’t ask for a picture, as I know it will be a colleague’s work.
  2. I ask questions about gender, age, hobby’s, animals, and likes/dislikes?
  3. Favorite color like/dislike?
  4. I offer three options – small, medium, large.
  5. I do my best not to talk about money.

Once I have all the data, I tell the client that I need some time and A) develop a design for them to consider and B) verify what my stock options are for the build.

Sketching & Creativity Join Together

Now it is time for the muse to speak.  With pencil and paper in hand, I sketch and brainstorm ideas.  No need to seek out ideas on Facebook groups, as many times the ideas suggested require balloons I don’t have readily available.  I start to brainstorm and sketch out ideas.

Here is my brainstorming idea jotted down on paper.

Sketch of a 50th Wedding Anniversary Balloon Yard Art

The Client Presentation

Once the ideas are developed, inventory is verified to ensure the stock is available for the build. I then sketch out a drawing in colored pencils for the client.  Snap a picture on my cell and text/email my customized balloon sculpture with the price.

50th Wedding anniversary balloon yard art sketch

Clients Reaction

“Wow,” is the reaction. I’ve learned clients love to see their ideas come to life on paper. The client’s ideas, suggestions, along with my balloon skills, will make this a reality.

Now comes the fun.

As I build the balloon yard sculpture, I take pictures and text them to the client—the client previews segments of the build.  I allow the client to be part of the action. I send a couple of pictures or short videos, giving the client a behind the scene look of the 3D figure coming to life.

I’ve learned it doesn’t take much to make a client feel special, but when you do, you get clients for life.

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How To Sell Balloon Yard Art To Parents
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How To Sell Balloon Yard Art To Parents
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  1. You are such a creative, caring person – you go above and beyond for your clients – it’s not surprising that they are “WOW’d”….you are magical!!!

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