Secrets that Marketing Guru are Neglecting to Tell You about Facebook

ssssh Marketing SecretsFacebook now has over 300 million users and people are busy making new friends and creating their own communities.  As Facebook consumes hours typically spent posting in forums, the once busy forums are becoming stagnate.  Facebook users are seeking out new friends and promoting their activities while forgetting about their once beloved forum community. Industry magazines have articles written by their marketing Guru telling you how important Twittering and Facebook networking is to a company.

What the marketing Guru is neglecting to telling you is that you must still keep up other lines of networking communication to be successful.

How many companies still have dedicated fax numbers? Didn’t faxing die in the 90’s when email became standard for business communication?  Nevertheless, just this past week I was required to fax over a document to a financial office.  Faxing is not dead. It is just another forum to distribute documentation.

Facebook and all the other social networks are just another form of communication, so don’t be quick to abandon the old networks.  If you want to be successful, you have to be adept and market in each network.

Think of all the companies out there that advertise on TV, radio, newspaper, trade magazines, direct mailings, email campaigns, Internet advertising, blogs sites, belong to Chambers of Commerce, exhibit in trade shows, and are members of different organization just to get their name in front of the consumer.  Now, these companies are starting Facebook fan clubs so the can tap into another expanding markets.

Marketing Gurus forget to inform you that your forum of five years has now been devoured into Googles database and is looked upon as being a Hub of information that Google considers a legitimate resources and gives it page ranking weight to those who post.  Facebook and many other social networks are not considering high priority in Googles rankings.  So if you are trying to get your website ranked higher in Google forget spending hours in Facebook.  Go back to your forum and make some quality posts. Trust me; it will bring back some good memories and will giving you quality back links to your website.

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2 thoughts on “Secrets that Marketing Guru are Neglecting to Tell You about Facebook”

  1. Excellent advice, Dale! I had been wondering a lot lately about Facebook’s relative value to business. Thanks to your article, I will certainly not forget to include more traditional forums in my overall marketing strategy. I love your blog!

  2. Yes, thank you for this enlightening information about Facebook. I was writing blog posts and the finding Facebook pages on the same topics and making links with the photos used in the post. For about six weeks the Facebook links were valid to Google. Then they disappeared. Fortuantely I get a few actual readers from the photo links, but I’ll not spend so much time digging for relevant pages there anymore.

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